Why have a family crest when you can have your own personal marks in the style of a Hallmark?

The marks are engraved onto your chosen piece of Jewellery to celebrate your significant Milestones & events. There are some samples below, or you can customise your own design to tell your unique story in your own way. The marks can be placed on either the outside of your Jewellery, or more discretely, on the inside.  

We are currently building this collection of items, if you are interested in having 'yourmark' designed for you, please contact us here.







* The marks are in no way intended to replicate a real hallmark, and cannot be used for this purpose, it is a commercial personalised product done in the style of a hallmark only.  The jewellery will be also be marked in accordance with UK hallmarking legislation.  You can find more about that here.