Hallmark Ring

Celebrate the Hallmark


The British Hallmark is a beautiful thing, so why hide it on the inside?


This Silver ring features a Genuine oversized FJ Jewellery Hallmark on the outside of the ring and is Blackened so that the images are visable.  The mark is lasered onto the Jewellery at The famous Goldmiths Hall, at the London Assay office.


The Hallmark dates back to the 1300s in the UK but the concept of hallmarking was found on items as far back to nearly 400AD where marks were found on Silver objects in Byzantine.


There are 5 Markings on a full uk Traditional mark, the first is called the sponsor mark, this is the initails of the maker, Mine is FJJ, for Fiona Jones.  The second mark is the fineness mark, and tells you what metal that the Jewellery is made from, The Lion represents Silver.  The third mark is the standardisation mark, the number represents the preciuos metal content, 925 is the number for Sterling Silver & means there there are 925 parts fine silver alloyed with 75 parts other metal.  The fourth mark is the symbol for the Assay office, the Lions head means it has been hallmarked at the London Assay Office.  The final mark is a letter, the font used can be traced back to the year that is was marked, the W mark on the featured ring means that it was marked in 2021.  In many years to come these marks will be used to trace back the history of the Jewellery.


You can find out more about the hallmark here


The ring featured is 6mm x 2mm, made to order in your size.  If you prefer a wider ring please contact us for a quote.   Please selct from a polished finish or matte satin. 


The item is custom made for you so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Hallmark Ring